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660lb Giant Blue Fin

Sept 2015

Jumping white
on the line

2 to 8 lb
doormat fluke

White marlin
coming u

An armful of tuna

Canyon longfin

5.65 lb fluke

Canyon tuna

Fish On

Canyon tuna

9.5 lb fluke

38 lb striper

38 lb Wahoo

Florida snapper

62 lb Wahoo

Two on !

80lb Wahoo

105lb Wahoo

125 lb Swordfish

206 lb Bigeye Tuna

208 lb Bluefin

228 lb Mako Shar

388 lb Thresher Shark

610 lb Bluefin Tuna

725 lb Bluefin Tuna

Blue Marlin Release

Bleeding a
Bigeye Tuna

Blue at Boat

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Release

Butchering a Mako

Capt Pete

Capt. Pete
with Striped Bass


Yellowfin Tuna

Fighting a
Giant Bluefin Tuna

Fighting another
Giant Bluefin Tuna

Great Shot
of a White Marlin

Hanging a
Thresher Shark

Happy Anglers
 in the Fish Tails

Heading Out

Leadering a Marlin

Leadering Blue Marlin

Mahi Mahi

Nice Pair of
140lb Bluefin

Norman & Blue

Releasing a
White Marlin

Releasing Blue Marlin

Removing Hook on White Marlin

Florida sailfish

Scott's first Large Yellow Fin

Surfacing Blue Marlin



White at Transom

White Marlin

White on Board

Whoooo's Your Daddy !!!!  75 Lbs.

Florida grouper

Floridda sailfish


Yellowfin Tuna

Release a
white marlin